Learn from knowledgeable tutors.

We have classes set up for Students, Test Takers, Travelers, Health care Providers, Business People.



Learn a new language

The tutoring classes are adapted for students with different backgrounds, by the process of respective methodology. They will help you communicate effectively with other people in the target language. Our tutors have great experiences and are either native or near native speakers of the target language.



 Students from our language school will have the opportunity to practice, interact, do basic reading, writing activities, in the target language.  


Why schedule classes with us

Basically, if you want to start practicing a new language, learn idiomatic expressions or slang in different foreign languages, you are in the right place. Call now and schedule a class with one of our tutors.  

Our course coordinator


Our coordinator has a long  experience as a Tutor with a variety of  Language Schools in the US, he therefore knows the best methodology  and strategy to use so that every student will learn as efficiently as possible. 

Our Students


They are Middle school, High School, College, University students. Also Travelers,Healthcare Providers, Business people, test takers,  Pilots, 

just to mention a few. We provide them interactive materials which are to enhance their abilities to converse in the target language. 

Our Tutors


 Our Tutors are highly qualified and have different backgrounds, from retired Teachers to those  with a degree or diploma.

 A background check is conducted on everyone  of them to ensure the student safety.  



Our unique program

The life skill topics of the foreign languages put our students in the fast lane for a motivating journey to a great language proficiency due to our unique teaching methodology that other schools don't have. They also provide communicative practice that involves students in lively interactions on the content of real-life situations, in addition to offer broad exposure to uses of language in a variety of relevant contexts such as community, school, employment and social settings. 

 As a student, you will be trained to practice and recognize from the formal to the informal ( slang) language speaking that someone would use. 

We offer Spanish, French, Business Spanish, Business French, ACT & SAT Tests Prep Tutoring services and works with knowledgeable tutors. Face facing  and document translation services are also provided. 

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Save more than 25% off your purchase when booking bundle classes. Please ask about our promo code before booking this class.

Promo code deal

Take advantage of our free class program by referring a student that registers for tutoring classes with us. Then, you will automatically receive free classes using a promo code. Call for more information. 


Please visit our FAQS to find answers to questions you might have regarding our program.


Our story


Our language school has been offering tutoring classes since 2016.

Our mission


 We strive to provide tutoring services to the community. Once one becomes a student, we will guide him/her through additional resources that can be utilized in order to enhance more practicing in the foreign language that is being learned.  

Be ready to learn a new language


We provide tutoring services  either at our facility located in Dallas, TX, or  at the student's  home or work, at public libraries, 


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Contact Us

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Our language school offers online, face to face, by phone tutoring services in addition to verbal and written translation services. 

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