business languages.

Business class overview


 This class focuses on preparing professional people whose careers are linked to a foreign language as a basic job requirement, as well as those who work for multinational companies, receive, or have constant communications with other foreign professionals, and those who are just trying to enhance their linguistic skills at work. Additionally, these classes are offered to those who simply will be working overseas.  


Business class structure


 Our basic Business classes are set up for professionals in need of learning the Business aspect of a foreign language. This class will focus on how the student should behave when doing business. From answering a phone call, participating in a conference call, introducing himself /herself to another business person, etc. In addition, we keep track of the progress of every student that participates in a group class to ensure  the tutoring class works efficiently . 



 The basic business class is recommended to students who either are fluent enough, or have a good background, understanding of the target language. Only basic Business Spanish and Business French are offered at this time