1- How long one lesson last ?

Each class lasts 45 minutes, in addition to a 15 Mn review done at the end of the lesson to ensure the topics taught are being understood, for a total of 1 hour.

2- If I can’t take my lesson, can I cancel it?

No problem ! You just need to inform us at least a few  hours  before the scheduled time, so that the tutor will be informed ahead of time. Cancelled class can always be rescheduled. As for last minute cancellation, Call for more info.

3- Can I really learn a language by phone?

Yes you can. The phone is a great  tool for language-learning. It does require optimal concentration . With oral communication, you need to focus on what you hear, oppositely to one-on-one class. It is also a convenient way to learn. An average of 2 classes per week are required for this kind of class.

4- Can I take my lessons through a Platform ?

Yes, In this case, the Tutor and the student will communicate at an arranged time . The student should be in a quiet area where he/she can concentrate. We recommend you to use the platform of your choice.

 5- I am a real beginner, how it would work for me ?

The lessons are perfectly adapted to each level, reason why a method is been used, in addition to a software program, flash card etc..

6- Where can I get the tutoring lesson ?

You can get foreign languages  or Test Prep classes either at your home, work, a public library, coffee shop, online, by phone etc.

7-Can I take mixed or bundle classes ? 

You sure can get mixed classes. We recommend it  for  intermediate and /or advanced students that have previous knowledge of the target languages to be studied.

8- How can I know my level for the foreign language I want to take ?

A brief oral and written test is conducted with all students during the first class, independently of their background, to check their level.

9- Can I  use my own book for my class ?

As a student, your are free to use your own book for your class. Also, students in need of after-school classes can  bring their homework or school curriculum  materials and have them checked  during the class.

10- Can I order Translation and / Or  Interpreter services ?

You sure can. We recommend you to place your order at least 1 day in advance before your event time.