Face facing & After-school classes


 With our method, kids will be able to learn a second language through either one-on-one, or  after-school classes, become more proactive . We will help Them master essential vocabularies and concepts through focused practices, build their confidence by introducing them to certain topics in the target language .

Online classes



Our program also helps Teens and kids learn online through fun practicing, activities, songs, games,  and more. They  will also obtain better grades, enhance their linguistic skills, either through their school curriculum or regular after-school tutoring classes; have them ready for career openings.

Classes during vacation time


We also provide intensive foreign language classes during vacation time. This  course does not really mean a fast track for learning but an introductory way to immerse students and help them learn 

basic aspects of the target language.

By using a variety of our activities, kids and teens will learn and be able to practice either Spanish, French or other foreign languages.

Program structure


As mentioned before. kids can receive tutoring classes using their own school curriculum in addition to  our own materials which is to reinforce the topics included in their school programs.

Share the news



Spread the word.  Refer a student that registers  with us and receive free classes. Please call for more info. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Don't forget to visit our FAQS section where you will  find answers to  most of your questions . You also are welcomed to call .