LANGUAGE SCHOOL online classes

Online classes will challenge you, the student, in different ways. They will test your writing, speaking skills, and your understanding of the target language generally talking, not to mention that they will reduce enormously the fear of speaking in a foreign language.

They also offer  students  more time to learn, especially those  with  personal constraints, and those who find it easy to learn online. A variety of platforms can be used to receive online classes. Please call our phone line for more info. 

Classes by phone


Do you prefer to enhance your language skills through a phone conversatation  in a foreign language?  If so, then this is the right class for you. A conversation represents an excellent way to practice or enhance a foreign language.

You can receive a class by phone at your home or work, while doing an errand or task . From vocabularies to  idiomatic expressions, you can take advantage of all of these things through a simple conversation with  native or near-native speakers of the foreign language being learned.