Face facing & documents translation services

translation services, interpretation.

Translation is not about finding one-for-one word equivalents, certain resources come into play in order to obtain an accurate one,  such as knowledge, contextualization, rapid analysis, cohesion, subtlety expression, correct terminology, etc. We do take these factors into consideration.

 We provide on-demand face facing, over the phone Translation services of Spanish, French and some other foreign languages. The goal is to help two parties or people to get to a mutual understanding, when foreign languages represent a barrier to the right communication.

Booking must be made at least 24 hours ahead of time so that we can send you the right Translator or interpreter. Our translators are either native or near native speakers of the languages need to be translated in addition to speak English.

Document Translation


We also provide document translation services in a variety of foreign languages, particularly Spanish or French, to English and vice versa .

 Such documents can be  birth certificate,death  certificate, marriage  certificate, transcript etc. We charge .10c per word.


 Once you place your order, you will  receive instructions on how to send your documents.

You can either e mail copies of your documents to us for a faster service or mail them . Your translated documents will be ready within 48 hours.

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